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Dalham offers micro learning programme & certification in Liberal Education

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Who are ‘YOU’?

  • Senior school students interested in pursuing liberal arts programme
  • Engineering & management students who aspire to become future leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Arts students who want to delve deeper in application of humanities
  • Educators who wants to inspire students with modern world knowledge
  • Working professionals who aspire to grow in their roles and become effective leader

Humanising Education

Being DALHAM Empowered means…

AI Readiness

Artificial Intelligence is defining and redefining every sphere of our life and we teach you how to navigate this new world where humans co-exist with AIs.

Humanising Leaders

Learn how to become efficient leaders who can build resilient teams by understanding our society, history, psychology, which form the basics of humanity

Thinking Mastery

Thoughts are not random. They are the result of our brain reacting to a situation. Master the art of critical thinking by training your brain to be analytical and empathetic.

Enriched Curiosity

Develop a sense of wonder for the amazing experience called life where you take everyday as an opportunity to learn something new and apply it to solve problems.

Effective Communication

Build a deeper understanding of what it means to communicate effectively and what role it plays in becoming successful at anything you do.

Empowered Rationality

Foster this rare quality that puts you ahead of the crowd. A rational mind can help you be inquisitive and intuitive, qualities which are must for any profession.

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