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Dalham Learning offers inter-disciplinary courses for future readiness. We help you develop essential 21st century skills to thrive in a dynamic workplace, and advance your social, emotional and behavioural attributes.

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Dalham Learning is focused on helping you become future-ready and grow into a lifelong learner with the capacity to thrive in the lightning-pace of today’s complex global ecosystem and find innovative ways to better humanity.

On a mission to
advance lifelong


Helping you understand and appreciate cultural and intellectual diversity forms the core of the Dalham mantra. Our aim is to bring the most transformative 21st century learning practices to empower our community of learners.

To Promote
Holistic Education


The Dalham coursework is designed to mould learners into dynamic, independent thinkers with an inter-disciplinary knowledge base. Our pedagogy nurtures curious minds to become contributing, responsible members of modern society.

Shaping Opinions
For Future &
Life Readiness


We aim to create a sanctuary for inquisitive minds to explore their potential and interests while helping them respond to the opportunities and challenges of an ever-changing society. Our educators leverage 21st century learning competencies to help you to build a strong foundation for your learning process.

Preparing Young
Minds To Become
Responsible & Global Citizens


Dalham Learning offers you the ideal avenue to develop 21st century skills through a holistic learning experience. The platform engages you to widen your horizons and re-define the significance of education in achieving your dreams.


Watch and learn
from the maestros

Dalham Learning’s inter-disciplinary courses for future readiness give you the chance to learn from the best in the field. We bring the top educators from across the country to offer you a fulfilling learning experience.


Designed by experts
in the academic fraternity

The curriculum, coursework, and lessons are crafted by experts who have a great wealth of experience in the field of education. Each module has been carefully designed to help you expand your knowledge base and develop key insights about yourself.


video content

We cover complex subjects through engaging videos to help you understand concepts and apply them in everyday scenarios. The modules are imparted through bite-sized videos with clearly defined outcomes to encourage self-learning.


Focus on skill and
knowledge development

Our comprehensive courses for future readiness have been designed to help you develop critical 21st century skills and a holistic, interdisciplinary knowledge base. Our approach will allow you to understand the true scope and application of your learning.


21st Century Micro-Learning program 

The 21st century micro-learning programme is designed be India’s first comprehensive solution aimed at creating a holistic learning experience to nurture students to become future though leaders and innovators. The learning outcomes of our programme is clearly defined to encourage self-exploration.

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Design Thinking

This course adopts a human-centered approach to innovation and offers solutions to complex problems.


Media Literacy

This course encourages students to broaden their perspectives and become informed individuals by critically analysing information.


Critical Thinking

This course engages students with concepts such as argumentation, logic and reasoning to help formulate constructive solutions.


Creativity and Problem Solving

This course touches upon themes of observation, simulation, divergent & convergent thinking to understand how creativity helps solve problems.


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